The West Coast


   West Coast Algarve, or the western Atlantic coast as it is also referred to, covers an area that runs from Sagres in the south of the Algarve to Odeceixe in the north, the last town before the Alentejo. It is part of the protected 'Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina'. The coastline is much more dramatic and rugged than the southern coast and more exposed to the Atlantic weather - the reason that it is such a popular area for the surfing fraternity.

   It is an area virtually untouched by tourism, with small hamlets and villages scattered here and there and many of the beaches are just that... beaches! No resort! This is what makes the region so special and enjoyed by those lucky enough to visit.
   West coast Algarve falls under two municipalities (councils) - Vila do Bispo in the south and Aljezur to the north, with Sagres being the main town at the southernmost point and Aljezur town serving the northern end. There is only one route along this coast - the EN268 road goes from Sagres to Aljezur and then the EN120 to Odeceixe and beyond. To find the different beaches you need to watch for the signs. There are lots of seldom visited beaches (probably because they are quite inaccessible and not signposted!) along the way.

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